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Hello, my name is Kuroe Tsuki. I recently decided to apply for a superpower, they are all the rage these days. As I was getting ready to head to the super office, I noticed that I had picked up my snazzy black suit from the dry cleaners the other day. On a whim, I decided to wear it. After I was done going through my everyday morning routine, I set off.
   As soon as I arrived at the lobby, I was brought to a special testing room. For some reason, the attendant who was accompanying me kept looking at my suit in a weird way. I simply said, "Suits are cool," and she looked away. When we finally got to my room she pushed me in, closed the door, and left.
   There was a piece of paper, with a pen attached, in front of me, labeled "Superpower Application Form," I assumed it was for me, so I started filling it out. As I was writing, I began to wish they had given me a pencil instead, as I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I like my writing to look neat. Well, they didn't and I hardly ever make any mistakes, so I just continued. They asked very boring questions, mostly stuff like "What is your name?" "Do any of your other family members have a superpower?" "If so, what were their chosen powers?"
   After I was done filling out the boring first seven pages I finally got to the last page. On it was only one question, "What is your desired power?" Of course, I had already given this much thought. My life wasn't a boring one, there wasn't really anyone I'd miss if they died before me, and I had many things that I wished to accomplish in my life. There was only one power I could hope for, immortality.
   So, I wrote it down and signed the paper. As soon as I dotted the "i," the same attendant opened the door and led me back to the lobby.
   Approximately 2 hours later, a new attendant approached me. She came bearing a letter of approval. I was very excited that my request had been approved. I opened the letter and was stricken with dismay.
   On the letter were these words, "Ms. Tsuki, I am pleased to inform you that your request for the superpower of IMMORALITY has been approved." I was very upset and took my anger out on the new attendant. She was no help and simply ran away. After calming down, I decided to look for the first attendant.
   As I was walking, I became very thankful that I had chosen to wear this suit as the air conditioning in the building made it cold. I continued and saw a shadow just around the corner. However, all of a sudden the AC became hot and I felt a sudden urge to take off my overcoat, but I managed to suppress it, I wanted to look very professional while getting mad at whoever was in charge.
   I ran as fast as I could in the heat, but there didn't seem to be anypony around. I decided to give up and leave. As I got to the lobby I called a taxi, but there were none available, so obviously I threw a huge fit and cursed at the pony on the phone. The pony on the other end couldn't take it anymore and hung up.
   I started trotting home and on my way I saw a cute filly attempting to climb a ladder. If I hadn't been having such a horrid day I would've helped, but it wasn't my problem, so I continued on my way home. I was finally almost home when I saw a beautiful, young mare in a perfect, white suit.
   She trotted up to me and told me that she was the god of suits and that my immorality was a disgrace to all suit wearing ponies. She continued on saying a bunch of boring facts about suits. Then she somehow spoke in all caps, "YOU ARE HEREBY BANNED FROM WEARING SUITS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. HOPEFULLY THIS WILL TEACH YOU A LESSON."
  As soon as I got home, all of my suits vanished, including the one I was wearing. I was, for the second time today, stricken with horror and dismay. My punishment began to sink in, I could no longer wear suits. Not white ones, black ones, red ones, not even rainbow ones. I then found one positive thing that happened in this whole day, at least I wasn't immortal.
Suits are cool
My entry for a challenge on Equestria Amino from a few months ago. I got second place with it. You just write or draw a piece that has to do with suits being awesome lol
From the perspective of my ponysona, Kuroe.
Ariana Vati
~ Art above is by InspectorValvert
~ Original design is by WolfGirl7041

Character Info

Name: Ariana Vati
Positive traits: curious, humble, mature, cautious
Negative traits: impatient, hypocrite, lazy, materialistic
Interests: exploring under the earth, rare gems, leading others
Likes: traveling, being active, brain games, solving riddles
Dislikes: lazy ponies, ignorance, slow things

Character Back Story 

Vati has always been very interested in governing others, she likes being in charge. She feels very angry when those in charge don't listen to good ideas given to them. Vati has a knack for finding rare things, she finds just about anything, from gemstones to special ponies. She's aware that the things she finds are special, but is too lazy to take advantage of it fully. Instead she uses her ability to make a profit, as she is quite materialistic.

Vati knows that if she tried, she could get almost anything she wanted. Before she discovered that the random things she found were special, Vati was homeless.  She had been traveling from place to place with her younger sister, Dawn Drop. Vati had been wanting Dawn to become an important leader of some sort, and believed it would work perfectly since others around them seemed to believe Dawn was truly an alicorn.

Dawn, with her stubborn attitude, absolutely refused due to her not wanting to have to deal with the responsibility. Vati was jealous of her sister's appearance, and others wanting to trust her because of it. Once Dawn had had enough of Vati's pushiness, she left Vati to fend for herself. That is how Vati discovered what her ability meant, she later realized that she had lost something very important in order to discover she what she could do.

At this point Vati was 22, and she was absolutely against using her abilities because she was under the impression that she couldn't do the things she wanted even if she did. She believed she had no way to care for herself or others. Vati got back on her hooves two years later, she realized it was all self pity and that she didn't want anything to do with that. She decided that she would try to find other special things that could help her, and eventually even connect with Dawn again.

She got her CM, which is a pale pink, crystal butterfly, while searching in a forest for Dawn. She had found a fossilized butterfly, which she still has to this day.

To be continued with a romance interest...


Sexual Orientation: Advocate, Ally, Asexual
Favourite colour: Dark blue
Birthday: November 14th
Age: 27
Greek Zodiac: Scorpio
Facts: Pessimist, Extrovert, Messy, Relaxing, Salty

No one, besides me and the respective artist, may use this character, design, or art in any way without written permission and credit.
Madame Aoi
Yee, my first try at lineless art. Or maybe it isn't called that.

Done in Ibis Paint X
Time taken is about 2 hours. Slow af, I know.

I was kind of an idiot and didn't look at any guides or tutorials first, probably would've been better if I did.
Any tips or know of any tutorials, please let me know. I'll make a few more of them later in the week if I get any better.

Please do not repost or use in any way without my permission.
Nezu base edit
First time doing art on my phone, since my computer broke.

I adopted this OC from a few weeks or days ago.

The base is by

Please don't repost or use without my permission. Thank you.
Honey Bee open collab
Big collaboration with :iconohhoneybee:

My handwriting is worse than my art...
Time taken: 3h 48m 26s
I'm slow...

Line art: HoneyBee-senpai
Colour and shade: myself
Character: HoneyBee-senpai


No journal entries yet.


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